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Revenge Season 2 Recap: All You Need To Know Before The Final Four Episodes!

Well it's been a couple weeks since Revenger's got there fill of Revenge goodness but it's finally on its way back next Sunday in the US on ABC.

So far this season we have been faced with shocking deaths, family revelations and one annoying Americon Initiative. If you've been under a rock for all of that, here are 5 major highlights to keep you up to speed when heading into the final 4 episodes of the season. (it could be its final season too, since a season 3 renewal hasn't been announced).

1. Fake Amanda was killed off.. In a shocking turn of events, fans finally learned just who the mysterious body under the water is. People speculated that it would either be Amanda or Jack and the tips were on-par on choosing Amanda as to being the one biting the dust. Where you shocked with this revelation or wished it was someone else Revengers?

2. Padma is apparantley dead?.. New girl Padma, who struck up a romance with Nolan was a mysterious figure to us in the beginning, from her dating Nolan to sneaking around in hopes of finding Nolan's Carion project. In the end we found out that her dad was being held by the evil Initative and once Nolan decided to help her gain him back.. she turned up dead! But could she of just been unconscious?, keep that one in mind guys.

3. Emily's mother showed up, and was even more crazy than Victoria?.. Yes we finally learned more about real Amanda/Faux Emily, in terms of her family tree. Turns out her mother joined the dark side after being manipulated by the Grayson's. She thought that fake Amanada was her daughter, tried to kill the Grayson's and reconciled with her real daughter (in a subliminal way) by Emily forgiving her mother after it was revealed that she tried to drown her due to a undisclosed illness.

4. Victoria is a murderer and has another son?.. This season we saw a whole new side to Victoria, first it was revealed via a Thanksgiving episode that her mother made her murder her step-father. We than saw her murder the head of the Initiative (not complaining though, she was a cold-hearted bitch) to protect her son (Daniel). It definitely proved just what lengths she is willing to go to protect her children. And after all that, we recently learned that she has one more child to protect! Another son that she gave up for adoption due to being under-age at the time. This revelation is now being closely followed by Emily on her path to Revenge, watch out Victoria!

5. Emily & Aiden + Team Ashley & Jack! Emily managed to demonstrate one whole lot of vulnerability this season, with her emotions flaring up all over the place. Weather that be forgotten family ties, friends passings and having to choose between loved ones. One person that managed to stick by her through all of this was Aiden with the two having one big steamy romance this season. But will it last? She's already showing feeling again for Daniel.

Now onto Jack and Ashley, now that Jack has lost his wife (Fake Amanda) he is now thirsty for Revenge (Emily Styles) in bringing down the Grayson's after learning of the cover-ups they made over his wife. Ashley on the other-hand has been pushed to the curb this season with the Grayson's now shunning her out of there lives after the exposure of her affair with Conrad.

Now even Conrad is against her after failing to uphold his election campaign, in which Jack now comes in after offering to recruit her on his quest to bring down the Grayson's. And of coarse she agreed, but can she be trusted? Will she be a valuable asset to Daniel or a liability?

What's To Come!

1. A Major Death!

It has been revealed that a major character will be killed off in the season finale, and it looks set to be a car accident! Check out the exclusive photo from Mrs Emily VanCamp herself via Twitter.

2. The Hunt For The Falcon

Will Nolan finally bring down the Falcon, the genius hacker that put Emily's dad behind bars, and potentially caused Padma's so-called death.

3. An Engagement! 

Yes Daniel and Emily will be getting re-engaged during the May 5 episode "Engagement", but the question is if they'll make it down the aisle. And whether Emily is actually in love or if it's part of her grand Revengey scheme.

Revenge Returns Sunday, April 28th on the ABC.

Check out the return promo below:

- Written By: Shahbaz Malik

Image Sources: ABC, Wetpaint.

Spoiler Sources: TVFanatic, Spoilersguide

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