Friday, 3 May 2013

        TOP GEAR : UGANDA SPECIAL! Season 19, Episode 6. 

 In this episode of Top Gear, James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are out on an expedition to find the true source of the river Nile. They're in the Ugandan capital, where they witness what a real traffic jam is. After being in that mess, I don't think they'll ever complain about being in a traffic jam in the centre of London.

 All the essential ingredients were here. There are three estate cars, of varying degrees of decay, purchased for £1,500. True to form, Jeremy Clarkson chose a classic BMW, and James May a Volvo – both wildly unsuitable for the African terrain. Less predictably, Richard Hammond for once seems to have made a sensible pick – a Subaru four-wheel drive turbo – though the fact that he has already jettisoned the spare wheel is ringing warning bells with me.

So our heroes assemble in a village where the locals look warily neutral, josh about their car choices and set off. Five minutes later, they seem to have reached their destination: the vast expanse of Lake Victoria. But because this is Top Gear and there are two hours to fill, Clarkson comes up with a hare-brained theory about the source of the Nile stretching back from Gibraltar (I wasn’t entirely concentrating on the geography) and it is off to the traffic jams of Kampala, the horrors of Ugandan hotels, and the mud-clogged roads of the interior. 

Written by - Taaruk Raina
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