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Homeland: Season 2 Episode 2

Having kicked off Season 2 with an enthralling opening episode last week, this week’s episode of Homeland is sure have you sitting on the edge of your seat screaming at the TV for more answers!!

After narrowly escaping last episode’s attack, Carrie is finally able to meet with her intel. Having been assured a $5 million reward as well as freedom from war-torn Lebanon for information on Abu Nazir, the woman reveals her husband is meeting with Nazir the following day.

At an official congress function back in the United States, Vice President Walden informs Brody that Israel’s attacks on Iran were not entirely successful. Within his religious beliefs still hidden from the public eye, Brody tries to stay as calm and focused as possible – however the news has clearly left shocked and distressed. Having been a militant officer, the Vice President asks Brody to use his experience to convince the President to allow for Israel to use U.S military weapons to finish off their job on Iran. Attempting to avoid bringing his beliefs into the conversation Brody looks at the possible decision from a holistic approach, claiming it would ultimately look as though the U.S were behind the attack on Iran. However his argument goes unheard, with an ignorant and arrogant Walden showing little sympathy for the Middle East. Absorbing what just occurred Brody is momentarily lost in time but eventually, after Vice President Walden questions his commitment, agrees to his requests.


Back in Beirut, Carrie returns to the safe house following her meeting much to the delight and relief of Saul. However after finding out that Carrie had already engaged in contact with the intel rather than the two of them going together, Saul questions Carrie’s ability to follow protocol but is more concerned about the source’s reliability. However after Carrie informs Saul of the information on Nazir, he is somewhat more accepting of her actions.

Estes on the other hand, back at CIA headquarters, is not as impressed as Saul. Having broken the agreement to meet the intel together with Saul, it seems as though Carrie is going back to old habits – basing her judgement off other people’s word and her own suspicions. Her inability to completely prove that the capture or death of Nazir is certain does not sit favourably with the head of CIA. Estes consults Saul for his judgment and a decision on the situation. Not realising that Carrie is on the verge of a mental breakdown, his demeaning comments about her presence in Beirut as well as her participation in the operation on a whole could not have come at a more bad time. However in justifying that the Carrie of old (at the time of recruiting her intel 8 years prior) was more trustworthy and reliable than her current self, Carrie manages to persuade Saul to go ahead with the operation.

For the first time in Season 2, Brody’s old mate Mike is reintroduced in to the story. Although having had their differences in Season 1, the pair seem to be making up for lost time. That is until Mike brings up Tom Walker’ death and the attempted assassination of Vice President Walden, claiming that the whole situation made no sense especially when Walker had the best sniper shot out of their whole military group. Having been made public that Walker acted alone, Mike asks Brody to use his authority to look further into the case. Trying his best to avoid the conversation and dismiss any conspiracies, Brody half-heartedly agrees to look into the case.

As the operation regarding Abu Nazir begins to unfold in Beirut Brody is informed of the major breakthrough for the first, joining other cabinet members to oversee the possibly historic event play out. Having had to eventually question who the prime target was, Brody quickly realises the seriousness of the situation for Nazir. Out of sheer desperation to save Nazir’s life, Brody sends him a sly message just in time to avoid being gunned down. Confusion and frustration begins to generate in the room as the operation fails to take down Nazir.

If the failure of the operation wasn’t bad enough, Carrie jeopardises the cover and lives of her colleagues as she flees from the escape car and ventures into the building complex of her intel looking for any more information. As the situation on the street begins to get out of hand and fearing for their own safety, Saul and the team are forced to drive on – leaving Carrie behind. Having had to momentarily fend for herself from the hostile local men, the team fortunately crosses paths with her and move on to their exit point.

Having agreed to look into Walker’s file Brody falsely claims there was nothing being covered up, much to the disgust to one of his former military partners who questions again the facts behind the attempted assassination. Again, as he does so well, Brody reverses the line of attack, cleverly using his experience as a prisoner of war to justify his actions and ease the burden of guilt.

The episode concludes with Carrie returning back to her sister’s suburban home whilst Saul is left to search through what she retrieved from the intel’s building complex. For those that remember, in Season 1 Brody made a video tape of himself (what it looked to be) confessing to his actions. However his actions at the conclusion of Season 1 were not successful. With Saul finding this tape stitched into the seam of a backpack coming from Carrie’s intel’s building, next weeks episode is sure to provide viewers with a few answer but many more questions!
Stayed tuned and be sure to check out next week’s posts for more Homeland material!
- Written By: Mike Duffy

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Modern Family Season 4

Hey guys,

Modern Family just released its 20th episode in season 4 which has lived up to the high standard set by the previous seasons. This show has been a tremendous success recently receiving 14 prime time Emmy Award nominations.

Season 4 revolves around Gloria and Jay Pritchett's new born baby and how Gloria reveals this to Jay is shown in the first episode of season 4 itself. The season moves on by focusing on Jay's struggles with the baby and how Manny deals with not being the centre of attention anymore.

Cameron and Mitchell's story continues with the two of them struggling to decide whether to adopt a second child and the problems associated with adopting a child on the whole. The episodes move on by focusing on the new project that Cameron and Claire have taken on of renovating a house together. The tension between Claire and Cameron is very realistic and definitely adds to the drama side of the show.

The Dunphey household starts the season off with Haley in her first year of college and focuses on the different troublesome situations she gets herself into. However, in the middle of the season she actually gets kicked out of college and comes back home. Her struggles to find a job and focus on her studies becomes her main part in the rest of the season. Luke and Alex continue to be themselves with their smart comments and Claire gets caught up in her new house project with Cameron. Meanwhile, Phil continues to be hilarious and tries to manage the household on a day to day basis.

Season 4 is extremely funny and it is highly recommended that you get a hold of these episodes as soon as possible. Hopefully they produce a 5th season because it would be awesome to see how the characters progress through the years. It is hands down hilarious. So what are you waiting for?

Episode 21 should be released in the next week.

By Shri Sivalohan

Revenge 2x19 "Identity" Review

Well Revengers, Revenge is back after one hell of a long hiatus. And did it return with a bang?

Oh YES! With plenty of new developments and revelations to keep fans happy.

Below is a look at the juicy highlights of the night:

1. The Fa1c0n is!.. a random? Sorry but i thought it would be someone really significant to Emily or Nolan. But it wasn't a total letdown as the girl named Edith Lee had one intresting background that forced her into hiding her identity and forming a business relationship with Victoria. She not only served as a hacker for her but managed to cover her long forgotten son!

Then in comes Nolan (aka Bruce freaking Lee) and Edith's empire is knocked on it's feet with a simple game of Street Fighter!

In the end he managed to kill two birds with one stone by revealing Victoria's baby drama to the press and sending the Fa1c0n right to jail. Go Nolan! But does Edith's threat of messing with the wrong person offer fatal consequences?

2. Re-engaged? Okay spoilers revealed that this would happen, and well it turned out kinda more better than expected.

Not only does Emily face the dilema of re-marrying Daniel but the ugly head of jealousy from Aiden. She insists thats it's all part of her Revengey scheme and that once the Graysons have fell flat on there face will she ditch Daniel for Aiden.. but something tells me shes's actually harbouring feelings for Mr.Daniel Grayson with those flashbacks of memorie of when he popped the question the first time. Only time will tell on just what these two are.

Oh and another Dillema Emily is facing is the balancing of her relationship with Jack. If she accepts Daniel's marriage proposal she will be cut out of the Porter's lives including being godmother of recently deceased best friend's child, Ouch!. Poor Emily, she's in quite the pickle right now and wether or not she decides to go through with the wedding holds some serious emotional damage.

3. Team Ashley and Jack begins?.. Who knew these two could actually be fun?. Now that there working together to bring down Conrad we saw some fun from the two. Jack watches from the outside whilst Ashley effectivley managed to get back in on the inside. The question remains though wether or not vixen Ashley will go through with the scheme? Afterall she's definetley one easy girl to persuade. My bets are still on the two hooking up in the future though.

4. Victoria at her most vulnerable.. It was intresting seeing this deep personal side of mama Grayson with all her protective walls being temporarily brought down. I kinda actually felt bad for her again, after the terrible decision she had to go through.

The young actress who played young Victoria though seemed quite off, I expected her to be a bit more cold-hearted or something. Via the flashback though, we learned just why she gave up her son. It was all because she was offered a one-way ticket to study in France! Ofcoarse Victoria ate the offer up but don't forget she was just 16 and didnt know what to do.

Skip forward to present Victoria and she now wants her son back! She's lost her Fa1c0n though with her only option now being Nolan. And what an option! It now offers fans some potentially epic stories to come. Will he help her or use it to Emily's advantage? Will he do both? Or will Victoria discover Nolan's secrets. Oh so many ways this could go, Time will tell once again.

5. Lesbehonest Charlotte.. Mind my Rebel Wilson reference but what's up with Charlotte? Fair enough the girl you slapped had a really sad story but did you ever think that she could be playing it to her advantage? I really don't trust this girl befriending her, afterall this is Revenge and everyone has an agenda! Will Charlotte take a trip down her dark past thanks to this girl? Also come on Declan get your act together, help your girlfriend out for once and stop being so judjmental.

Overall Rating:

Only 3 episode left of the season guys! Check out the promo below:

Written By: Shahbaz Malik

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Game of Thrones is All Coming Together

Where to begin? This week's episode of Game of Thrones seemed to want to touch on everyone and everything. So if you missed it, or got a little lost amidst it all, we can give you a recap of this week's episode. We are half-way through the 10-episode season, and things are certainly starting to snowball coming into the last half of season three.

Stannis Baratheon
The defeated King Baratheon is still following the One Lord - the Lord of Light - and visits his wife in her tower. This is quite a creepy place indeed; his wife, who has suffered three still-births of sons, has kept the three baby bodies in fancy jars in her bedroom, and she talks to them as though they are alive and listening. No wonder he keeps her in the tower. We also learn that his wife did give birth to one child, but it was a girl. He is there to visit her too, and at first viewers might be confused as to why he keeps his daughter locked away. We soon discover that his daughter Shireen has an awful scar across her face from when she had greyscale (a disease) as a babe. The girl is incredibly sweet though. Later in the episode, she visits 'the Onion Knight' in the dungeon, where he has been sent for challenging the Lord of Light and the Red Lady. The young girl brings him a book and offers to teach him how to read. One can't help but be touched by the sad but sweet girl's story.

Lions in King's Landing
Tywin Lannister must hate his children. Tyrion and Cersei are put in their place this week, when the issue of the Tyrell's planning to marry-off Sansa becomes learned by Cersei through Littlefinger. Knowing that Sansa is the key to the North (remember everyone seems to think Bran, Arya and Rickon are dead) Tywin puts forward his remedy; Tyrion will marry Sansa. Cersei of course finds this hilarious, but she is soon silenced when Tywin orders Cersei to marry Willas Tyrell - the man the Tyrells are planning to have Sansa marry. This puts quite the cog in the Tyrell plans, and means Sansa might have to go with Littlefinger after all. The mighty Lions don't seem so mighty all of a sudden, as Tywin pulls two of his three children into line. Tyrion and Cersei are left devastated by the news.

SPOILER! Will the Marriages go ahead as planned?
We can reveal that only one of the two proposed Lannister marriages will go ahead, but we won't yet reveal which one. Either way, the Tyrell plan will be ruined, so we will keep you on your toes guessing which Lion will have to marry for the second time.

The King who Lost the North
Robb is having some trouble, poor bloke. A mutiny in his ranks sees the two Lannister boys he was holding killed while they slept. Lord Karstark was the mind behind the treason, and so Robb himself executes him, despite being urgently advised against it. As a result the Karstark men leave the army, and so Robb's forces are halfed. He is left in quite the predicament, charged with being the King who Lost the North. Desperate, he plans to move on Casterly Rock, which is undefended while the Lannister's focus their forces elsewhere. This means relying on Walder Frey, the man whose daughter he was supposed to marry. This might pose a bit of a problem for Robb, since we can't imagine Frey will take kindly to hearing Robb married someone else. It seems this might be Robb's last chance.

The Brotherhood without Banners
The Hound is ready to stand trial by duel, and just as he is laughing confidently with sword and shield in hand, his opponent prays to the One Lord and of course, his sword lights up with fire. This would be a problem for any regular joe-blow, but lets remember that the Hound is deadly afraid of fire. That being said, the Hound is victorious, striking his enemy down to surely die. But a prayer to the One Lord brings him back to life! It seems the Lord of Light isn't as crazy as the Lady in Red makes him out to be. Arya is 'kind of' held hostage now, with the Brotherhood planning to take her to her brother in exchange for coin. But its hard to view these friendly drinking chaps that seem to radiate a Robin Hood vibe as villains. Gendry, unfortunately, has decided to stay at the Brotherhood as a blacksmith - much to Arya's and no doubt fan's disappointment. The scene is incredibly heart-breaking.

The Kingslayer?
Jaime and Breanne have finally found some kind of salvation. Their captors take them to Lord Bolton, who orders the removal of their chains and the mending of their wounds. Jaime's decapitated stump is treated to many a cry of agony, but it is a later scene that draws enough sympathy for the old Knight of the Kingsguard to perhaps forgive him even of his attempt on Bran's life. He intrudes on a bath Sir Breanne is enjoying, and shares the story of when he slayed the mad King. Turns out things are not all as bad as they seem for Jaime; the mad King had ordered Jaime to kill his own father, and his Pyromancer to burn thousands of innocent people while they slept in order to fend off the encroaching rebellion. He refused to surrender, and so, to save the lives of many, Jaime killed the king and his Pyromancer, thus ending the Targaryen rule. When Breanne asks why he never shared his story, Jaime declares that the honorable Ned Stark who found him standing over the King's corpse would not hear his side. Even after all he has done, we can't help but feel for the crippled Jaime.

Beyond the Wall
Bow chikka wow wow! It was inevitable that Jon Snow would eventually make love to the wild girl Ygritte, and at the half-way mark of the season they finally do. The love scene occurs in a cave with hot springs, and it seems old Snow is quite a talented young pup! At least from what Ygritte can tell us. How many men of Westeros are good at sex now? Although the scene feels rushed, the couple share a cute embrace afterwards, and Ygritte expresses her desire to stay with Snow, and hide away from the war. The Wildmen plan to attack the wall, and in the next episode we hope to see their attempts at last. Check out the preview for next week to see just what we mean!

Make sure you don't miss next week's episode as we start the second half of the season. The drama is well and truly building now, and we expect the next five episodes will be very action packed!

~ Written by Jessica Sheridan

Information Source: A Wiki of Ice and Fire

Image Sources: Strathmore Standard, Geekbinge, WallStreetJournal, Rickey, Facebook, Forbes

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Five TV Shows You'll Miss in 2013

2013 is a new year, with new television drama to be had. Many of us sat eagerly waiting after Christmas for the new season of our favourite shows to kick start again. Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and Revenge lovers have had their hunger quenched. But other fan-clubs are at a loss for the 2013 television season, as we prepare to say goodbye to some of our favourite television shows.

All good things must come to an end. Here are some of the biggest shows that will be wrapping up their final season in 2013 and saying goodbye to fans for good.

30 Rock
This much loved comedy show starring Tina Faye and Alec Baldwin will surely be missed by many. The show has already wrapped up production for good, and aired their last show in the USA in January. The quirkiness of the television show drew many people in, and the classic humor was to die for. We are sad to see this 'TV Show about a TV Show' gone.

Our favorite serial killer, played by Michael C. Hall, will be perfomring his last ritualistic murder this year. An instant success, and based off the popular book series, Dexter is now in his eighth season. Viewers shouldn't be too suprised, since his secret is known by quite a few key characters now, including his sister Deb. Still we expect this very different take on a police-prodecdural show will be missed on the airwaves after this year.

Yet again, Futurama has had its production cancelled by Comedy Central. The show was very similar to The Simpsons, coming from the minds of the same creators, and was hugely popular for its social commentary and comic antics. We are unsure if the show will ever make a resurgence, but for now the curtains are closed and the pens are down. The show is expected to end this year with its seventh season in total.

The Office
The US version of the hit comedy series The Office will air its final episode this year in May. Some people expected the show to die out after Hollywood star Steve Carell (playing Regional Manager Michael Scott) left at the end of season seven. Now, in season nine, the shows has decided to leave with dignity in tact. The socially-awkward humor of the day-to-day lives of the Scranton staff was always a personal favourite, but the wrap-up is understandable.

Based on the ancient Roman legend of the gladiator of the same name, Spartacus was a massive hit both here and overseas. Sadly, as the show is loosely historically based, it began with an obvious end. The show ran for three seasons and has already ended for 2013. The finale was a real tear-jerker, though fans up to scratch on their history were probably not too suprised!

~ Written by Jessica Sheridan

Information Sources: tvseriesfinale.com, IMDB

Image Sources: fanpop

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Crusaders in Blue: New Heroes in Game of Thrones Episode 4

We're almost half way! Episode four of Game of Thrones season three is out and running us off our feet. We will say, at least, that the show has gotten back into its rhythm; each episode is just the right balance of plot. As always we are left wanting more, but there is much to be excited about after this weeks installment of the gruesome fantasy.

The greatest thing about the latest episode is that we seem to at last have our heroes again. Its been a while since any of the generally twisted characters were barracking for a good and worthwhile cause, and we can't actually recall the last time evil didn't somehow prevail in Westeros. This week has introduced some very strong plotlines that lift several characters up for us to cheer for; peculiarly enough, they all wear blue. We hope that we aren't in for an Eddard Stark repeat, but we might be out of luck yet again. For now we can at least enjoy these Blue Crusaders.

The New Queen - Margaery Tyrell was introduced as quite the harlot, with her low cut dresses and pixie-features. But since her debut in season two, we have seen she is not as soft-minded as she appears. This week she demonstrated just how much influence she already has over the infatuated Joffrey, persuading him to appear in public before the people for the first time since the Blackwater Siege. Plans for their wedding are progressing, and a very anxious Cersei confronts her father about the 'Tyrell problem'. Already it seems the charming Margaery has wooed the young Prince, and already has herself in a comfortable position to be Queen.

Spoiler! The Upcoming Royal Wedding
The wedding between Margaery and Joffrey is fast approaching, and so is the death of a very central character. For those still skeptical, the wedding does occur, but not without its dramas. Season three is based on the third installment of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, and to those of us who have read the series, we know that this will definitely be the goriest season yet. And expect a few other matrimonial unions this season as well, one of which will prove to be the bloodiest of them all.

Lord of Whispers
The Spider was very busy this week. At long last he revealed how he came to lose his genitals and became so influential in Westeros. In conversation with a revenge-hungry Tyrion, Lord Varys shares how he was bought by a Sorcerer and had his genitals taken off as part of a sacrificial ceremony in which a fire came to life and spoke to the magic wielder. Viewers were shocked when the Spider then lifted the lid on a box he was prying open to reveal the very Sorcerer he spoke of, mouth sown shut and frail. Varys is not only crafty, he seems a bit sinister. But can we blame him?

Game of Throne's Groovy Granny to the Rescue
Olenna of House Tyrell (shown above to the right) has quickly become popular for her quick-tongue and very down-to-earth, realistic view on the world. This week she is seen in the gardens of King's Landing once more, still watching over her granddaughter as she woos the King. The Spider seeks her out, and conveys his concerns for the gentle but resilient Sansa Stark. Littlefinger has plans to take the young Stark girl away with him, but this is dangerous in Varys' eyes: if Rob Stark dies, then a marriage to Sansa would be the quickest route to the titles and lands of the North. 

Claiming Littlefinger is the most dangerous man in Westeros, Lord Varys seeks Olenna's aid in getting Sansa out of his reach, and wedded to someone else quick smart. Olenna, wearing the heroes blue, is quick to respond, sending the charming Margaery to speak to Sansa, who seems quite fond of the clever young Tyrell. The plan is to marry Sansa to Willas - Margaery's brother - and take Sansa away to the High Gardens which is where the Tyrell's call home. But will it be too late?

Westeros has Bigger Problems than Winter
Who cares if Winter is coming? There are bigger problems across the seas. Daenerys at last obtains her army needed to take back the Iron Throne this week, and she does it with so much style and sass that we almost can't recognise the quiet, frightened child from season one. Offering one dragon as payment for the entire army of Unsullied slave soldiers, Daenerys at last has the command. As promised, as soon as the symbolic golden whip is passed to her, the Unsullied obey her every command. The dragon, however, does not obey his new owner. As the Mother of Dragons declares; dragons are not slaves.

Once revealing she speaks Valyrian (and so understood every insult the slaver had made to date) Daenerys commands the army to kill all the slavers, but not harm any children. She then commands her dragon to kill its new owner, and set the slave city on fire. Once her bloody salvation for the slaves is over, Daenerys tells the Unsullied that they are free men, and free to go if they wish. They are only to stay if they will fight for her as free men. Every soldier stays, and the episode concludes with the army, the dragons, and the last known Targaryen crossing out of the fallen city. 

Who will Watch the Watchers?
Chaos has hit beyond the Wall, with several Crows committing mutiny this week. Most horrifying was the death of the Lord Commander, who was killed during the scuffle. The gentle Sam, who never really belonged with the Night's Watch, fled the scene with Gilly and her newborn baby, heading into the woods alone. Behind them the men of the Night's Watch proved just how dangerous it is to recruit criminals and give them a sword. With the Winter setting in, and the armies of the White Walkers and the Wildlings marching south, who will watch the Wall?

Spoiler! Where is Bran going?
The current plot revolving around Bran Stark has been moving somewhat slowly this season, and a lot of mystery veils where he might be heading as he follows the three-eyed crow. Where is he going, you ask? Where all Crows go - the Wall.

Tune in next week to Game of Thrones, and check in on Tuesday for a recap and spoilers. in the meantime, check out the preview of next weeks episode. And remember, Winter is coming.

~ Written by Jessica Sheridan

Spoiler Sources: IceandFireWikia

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 19 "Identity" Spoilers: Will Victoria be exposed?

Revenge will finally return next week from it's extended hiatus, below is a few spoilers/pics and sneak peeks at the episode to get you ready for it with our very own commentary.

  • The hunt for the Falcon continues with Emily, Aiden and Nolan trying to find Padma.
Does this mean Padma is still alive afterall, i guess my previous theory was correct. And just putting it out there but could the Falcon be Emily's dad?
  • Emily faces some tough decisions for her future. Will she marry Daniel again?
Previously revealed that they will walk down the aisle, i wonder how Aiden will react to this. Will his jeaoulusy over-rule Emily's revengey scheme?
  • Victoria has one very exposing interview coming up! Juju Chang from 'Dateline' will be the one digging the dirt.
Could the 'exposing' interview have to do with her long-lost son?. Will Juju Chang get to the bottom of her hidden son mystery and reveal that his still out there.

Below is the promo for the episode, check it out!

Sounds like a juicy episode doesn't it. What are you most looking forward to when Revenge returns?

Make sure you also check out our full season 2 recap to prepare yourself for next week's return!

Revenge returnes next Sunday, April 28th.

Sources: SpoilersGuide, ABC

Written By: Shahbaz Malik.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Homeland: Season 2 Episode 1

After Season 1 proved to be an overwhelming success (picking up multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Awards) Homeland is back in action, with Season 2 shaping up be even more explosive and scandalous than what was an already minding-blowing first season.
For all those Homeland fanatics, unfortunately we won’t be treated to Season 3 until late September (2013). But fear not – a recap of all the thrilling action from Season 2 is coming your way to (hopefully) try and pass that time a little quicker!

Whilst the Season 1 finale left viewers on the edge of their seat and answered a few lingering questions, it created even more questions and suspicions about Brody’s intentions as well as Carrie’s ability to focus solely on the terrorism issue at hand.

Having attempted to treat her bipolar disorder through the use of electroconvulsive therapy, Carrie seems to be adjusting back into a regular pattern of life with the assistance of her immediate family following her dramatic dismissal from the CIA.

All seems well until her former colleague Saul receives news of possible intel from a woman in Lebanon – the only issue is that the agency has no idea who the woman is (having contacted the agency it would be assumed she would have some form of connection, but as Saul quickly finds out this isn’t the case). Having dodged unwanted company in order to meet her in the hostile streets of Beirut, Saul’s attempts to find out more information are cut short by a hesitant and fragile source who is only willing to speak to Carrie (this woman turned out to be one of Carrie’s previously hired agents who was “run off the books” to ensure her safety). Therefore David Estes (CIA Counter Terrorism Director) is forced to move beyond their falling out and gain the services of Carrie once again.

Back in the United States, the possibility of running for Vice-President is offered to Brody by Vice-President Walden himself. Having already been hailed as both a war hero and inspirational political figure, the scene could not be set more perfectly for Brody to make his impact. Having been approached indirectly by Abu Nazir in relation to potential targets for terrorism activity, Brody claims he is not a terrorist and only intends on using his position of power for political law enforcement. However after breaking into Estes’s personal safe and retrieving classified documents it becomes quite obvious which side Brody is pledging his allegiance to.  

However Brody’s so far smooth run in politics could soon be coming to an abrupt halt, following comments made by his daughter Dana at school that he is a Muslim. Although shrugged off at school, Brody is forced to tell his wife Jessica who is extremely against the idea. Through her frustration, Jessica (and as many viewers would) questions Brody on the basis of what Carrie claimed that afternoon on their front lawn – that Brody was in fact a terrorist plotting against the United States. Yet, as always, Brody manages to get himself out of the controversial situation by placing the blame on Carrie – reminding Jessica that she was not only fired by the CIA but locked in a mental institution.
Having agreed to join forces with the CIA again, Carrie makes her way through Beirut for a planned meeting with Saul. However the situation quickly turns sour and, just like Saul, Carrie is forced to content with unwanted company. In what looks to be the end of the line for her, the Carrie-of-old reignites and defuses the situation with a promising look of satisfaction and desire for more.

The episode concludes with Brody burying the Qur’an in his backyard after his wife had damaged it in her temporary rage. The fact that his daughter Dana comes out to help him leaves viewers with conflicting perspectives – will the general public be just as gullible to Brody’s antics as his innocent daughter or will the power of family be enough to swing his decision?
Stayed tuned and be sure to check out next week’s posts for more Homeland material!

- Written By: Mike Duffy

Entertainment from Overseas: The Anime Phenomenon

Globalisation is a word that often connotes boring images of high school geography classes. But in truth we have a lot to thank for the international focus the world has taken, particularly with regards to entertainment. How else would we get our weekly installments of American Idol or Game of Thrones if entertainment was not a global industry? But in recent times it is not only the dramas and reality TV shows that have reached our shores. A certain popularity has sparked for a type of television show termed 'anime' that we import from Japan.

I'm sure many of us now can remember growing up with 'cartoon' shows like Dragon Ball Z (pictured above), Pokemon, Card Captors and even Digimon on the infamously popular  Cheese TV. But these early tastes of anime, the Japanese art style common across these childhood favourites, is becoming steadily popular in Australia among older 'kids', with darker and more in-depth shows available in the popular genre. Late night television has become inundated with this new medium of entertainment, and the recent rumours regarding a new season of Dragon Ball Z have 'nerdy' fans cheering. So for those behind on their anime, we thought we'd offer up a few choice selections to check out that have been a massive hit with those familiar with the genre.

Death Note
In this anime, a Shinigami (Japanese for God of Death) named Ryuk drops his notebook into the human world. This notebook is nothing innocent, but rather is a potential weapon of mass murder. The book comes with instructions for whatever human picks it up, the first describing its primary function: "The person whose name is written in this note shall die." This book is called a Death Note, and a twisted plot ensures when Light, a young student in Tokyo with a strong sense of justice, picks up the book. The anime follows Light, and the mysterious elite detective L, as they enter a bloody battle of wits to see who will kill who first. The anime questions much about life, death, and where to draw the line with regards to morality.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
After their mother dies, brothers Edward and Alphonze try to bring their mother back to life using a science-based magic called alchemy. However the transmutation goes tragically wrong, and the two boys - misunderstanding the laws of equivalent exchange - end up losing a lot more. Horribly disfigured by the tragedy, the brothers set out into the world to find a way to restore their bodies back to normal, and perhaps bring their mother back again. The world is similar to our own around the turn of the first world war, but of course with added alchemists who are skilled in the magical science of alchemy. This anime has a lot of action, but it is the heart-warming story of brotherhood and loss that makes this anime truly popular.

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon was largely popular in Australia during the 90s and early in 2000s. But sadly the Western version of the show was largely downplayed and censored for the benefit of audiences. In the original version, all of the planets have a Sailor Scout assigned to them, including Mini Sailor Moon, coming to a grand total of nine Scouts plus the Princess, Sailor Moon. The original version ran for much longer, with a more intense and mature plotline. Of particular note is the homosexual relationship between Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus (shown on the right of the above image as the dark green and dark blue Scouts). The original version is also a lot more gory, and we advise you don't grow too attached to any of the Sailor Scouts. Any of them.

~ Written by Jessica Sheridan

Image Sources: fanpop.comsquadmemberritsureviews, zerochan.net,

Friday, 19 April 2013

Homeland Season 2 Is Coming!

Although Season 2 of Homeland may have already come to a conclusion, fanatics are well aware of the agonising wait they must endure until Season 3 hits our screeens later in the year.

With this painful realisation in mind, let us reminisce on the events of Season 2 that have you all eagerly waiting in anticipation for a compelling and all-revelaing third season.

For those catching up and just starting on Season 2, check out the Season 2 trailer below to see what's install for the weeks to come!

- Written By: Mike Duffy

Video Source: Youtube

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Game of Thrones Season Three Episode Three: There was a lot of Blood Tonight

Those of you who saw this weeks fresh installment of Game of Thrones will probably remember two things: blood and breasts featured prominently in this weeks episode, and often times viewers cringed even without the blood. But it was definitely an episode that should be remembered for more than these bodily wonders. So for those that missed out on catching the latest dose of hardcore fantasy, and for those who still have boobs and blood on the brain, we can offer you a recap of what happened, and what should be noted for later on.

In Westeros things are still being set up. Game of Thrones is a busy business with many plots and many parts all working at once to come together in the end for one beautifully formed finale that gives you that warm sense of satisfaction and 'the tingles'. But as has become the norm for Game of Thrones, the first few weeks leave us hungry for more as the characters establish themselves and their plans carefully. We should note that this season appears to be somewhat of an exception, with things moving much quicker than before. But this has perhaps been a poor choice this time around, with the introduction of several new characters and backdrops that the audience must quickly learn in order to keep up. At least now, by episode three, things are starting to slow down, especially when compared to the bits-and-pieces that made up episode one.

Tyrion is back, and seems more like himself to our relief. The comedic relief and crucial cog in the King's Landing plot line has bounced back from his war wounds, and after last weeks emotional confrontation with his father, Tywin Lannister, has recieved the position he was promised. He has replaced Little Finger as the Master of Coin, putting him back on the Small Council though we are unsure about his ability to budget; being a Lannister. At least he will pay all of his debts. Little Finger is sent away to marry the widowed Lysa Arryn (sister of Lady Stark and widower of the Hand of the King that served before the late Eddard Stark). We have a hunch that the crafty Little Finger who seems to care so much, so often, for so many will have little difficulty wooing the emotional disaster that is Lysa. As for Tyrion he brings back a laugh to our lips with his cheeky presence at the council meeting, and later when he treats his virgin squire Poderick to a roomful of prostitutes. The squire returns with the money left by our favourite lion, claiming the women had enjoyed the pleasure of his 'company' so much they didn't want the pay. Of course Tyrion demands details. All of the details.

Rob is still the King in the North, and is maturing by the minute. Already he appears to have joined the ranks with the others who claim royal rights and we see not a boy anymore buy a man. He takes a particularly harsh tone with one of his dear Uncle Edmure who appeared to value pride over patience, and lost Rob his chance at having the Hound's head on a spire. His anger at his mother seems to have laxed significantly since the death of Lord Hoster Tully (Lady Stark's father) and the episode in fact opens with a ceremonial burning of Lord Tully's body. Lady Stark is in want of good news, as she also believes Bran and Rickon to be dead after the taking of Winterfell by the two-faced Theon Greyjoy. We are introduced to Lady Stark's uncle, and Rob's great-uncle, Brynden 'Blackfish' Tully, who we suspect might be a crowd favourite before long. He has a gruff personality, but shows all the signs of being a wise and useful character later on. In particular he seems to understand the growing wolfish hunger in Robb, and the cunning it will take to win the war. He has already impressed us with some precise archery and cutting wordplay. Lets hope he makes some reappearances.

Daenerys is across the seas, but her presence and importance in the story has become just as real at the King in the North, and her maturity even more pronounced. Since season one, the Mother of Dragons has shown significant potential for leadership, and a bloodthirsty craving to return to the Iron Throne, despite never holding it for herself. This week she has great pity for the slaves she sees tortured and executed, who don't seem to understand they have a choice. Bluffing and feigning her way through a bargain as much as the ill-spoken vendor himself, Daenerys offers one of her dragons as payment for every slave - trained and untrained - to the slimy slaves salesman that seems to unjustifiably want to call her a 'whore'. Viewers were shocked to see her so readily and happily give away a dragon for 8000+ Unsullied fighters, but her ultimate goal becomes clear as she cuts down her good Sirs with confidence. Its pretty evident that she has a plan, and the way the Mother of Dragons has been working it as of late, we don't feel inclined to question her. As she said to her new slave-girl; "All men must die. But we are not men."

A small word does need to be said here with relation to some more minor plot movements, such as poor Ser Mormont and Ser Selmy, who seem to be barracking to be Daenerys' number one fanboy. Each holds a very different view on the world, and both are eager to please and advise. It is only the sale of the dragon that they can come together on, and a dramatic tension seems to be setting itself up within this new group dynamic. Theon Greyjoy also deserves a mention, as he has escaped his mysterious captors with an even more mysterious savior who offered an open hand to the confused and desperate Greyjoy. His savior's identity may be a mystery, but he offered his hand with the words 'Winter is coming' which lends itself to the Starks. Why a Stark would help a Greyjoy at this point in the plot is a mystery in itself, but the trailers for next week's episode promise us some answers. Beyond the wall, the White Walkers have taken another batch of crows into their army of the undead, and Jon Snow is sent to attack his brothers at the Wall. Whether he will find it in himself to murder his once fellow crows; only time will tell.

Jaime Lannister is a strange character. At every turn he appears to be the quintessential Knight; well spoken, polite, watchful for damsels in distress, witty, infamous with a sword and lets face it not too shabby looking either. And then you remember that in season one he tried to kill Bran. On principle you feel you have to hate him, but at the same time he is such an amazing character that you can't ignore some of the great things he does. Today's episode was no exception. The King Slayer and his escort, Sir Brienne the lady-knight, have been captured and are to be taken back to the King in the North; a destination neither wants to reach for different reasons. Having knowledge about captors, Jaime warns Brienne that they will rape her come nightfall, and tries to warn her not to struggle. Sure enough, come nightfall, they take her into the woods to rape her, and her screaming suggests that she is indeed struggling. A few quick words and name-drops, and suddenly Brienne is saved by none other than the man she was holding captive; Jaime Lannister. The lion takes of more than he can chew however, and finds himself at the mercy of the men himself. The show ends quite abruptly, with the final scene including the most dramatic moment of all; Jaime Lannister has his hand cut off.

This week's episode has left us wanting more; much more. How Jaime will cope without his sword hand is a mystery, and what Daenerys will do about her sold dragon has us biting our nails over next weeks episode. We hope you're all just as excited as we are. Be sure to catch it again next week, Monday nights straight after the US.

~ Written by Jessica Sheridan

Image Sources: Screenrant.com and Geekbinge.com

Revenge Season 2 Recap: All You Need To Know Before The Final Four Episodes!

Well it's been a couple weeks since Revenger's got there fill of Revenge goodness but it's finally on its way back next Sunday in the US on ABC.

So far this season we have been faced with shocking deaths, family revelations and one annoying Americon Initiative. If you've been under a rock for all of that, here are 5 major highlights to keep you up to speed when heading into the final 4 episodes of the season. (it could be its final season too, since a season 3 renewal hasn't been announced).

1. Fake Amanda was killed off.. In a shocking turn of events, fans finally learned just who the mysterious body under the water is. People speculated that it would either be Amanda or Jack and the tips were on-par on choosing Amanda as to being the one biting the dust. Where you shocked with this revelation or wished it was someone else Revengers?

2. Padma is apparantley dead?.. New girl Padma, who struck up a romance with Nolan was a mysterious figure to us in the beginning, from her dating Nolan to sneaking around in hopes of finding Nolan's Carion project. In the end we found out that her dad was being held by the evil Initative and once Nolan decided to help her gain him back.. she turned up dead! But could she of just been unconscious?, keep that one in mind guys.

3. Emily's mother showed up, and was even more crazy than Victoria?.. Yes we finally learned more about real Amanda/Faux Emily, in terms of her family tree. Turns out her mother joined the dark side after being manipulated by the Grayson's. She thought that fake Amanada was her daughter, tried to kill the Grayson's and reconciled with her real daughter (in a subliminal way) by Emily forgiving her mother after it was revealed that she tried to drown her due to a undisclosed illness.

4. Victoria is a murderer and has another son?.. This season we saw a whole new side to Victoria, first it was revealed via a Thanksgiving episode that her mother made her murder her step-father. We than saw her murder the head of the Initiative (not complaining though, she was a cold-hearted bitch) to protect her son (Daniel). It definitely proved just what lengths she is willing to go to protect her children. And after all that, we recently learned that she has one more child to protect! Another son that she gave up for adoption due to being under-age at the time. This revelation is now being closely followed by Emily on her path to Revenge, watch out Victoria!

5. Emily & Aiden + Team Ashley & Jack! Emily managed to demonstrate one whole lot of vulnerability this season, with her emotions flaring up all over the place. Weather that be forgotten family ties, friends passings and having to choose between loved ones. One person that managed to stick by her through all of this was Aiden with the two having one big steamy romance this season. But will it last? She's already showing feeling again for Daniel.

Now onto Jack and Ashley, now that Jack has lost his wife (Fake Amanda) he is now thirsty for Revenge (Emily Styles) in bringing down the Grayson's after learning of the cover-ups they made over his wife. Ashley on the other-hand has been pushed to the curb this season with the Grayson's now shunning her out of there lives after the exposure of her affair with Conrad.

Now even Conrad is against her after failing to uphold his election campaign, in which Jack now comes in after offering to recruit her on his quest to bring down the Grayson's. And of coarse she agreed, but can she be trusted? Will she be a valuable asset to Daniel or a liability?

What's To Come!

1. A Major Death!

It has been revealed that a major character will be killed off in the season finale, and it looks set to be a car accident! Check out the exclusive photo from Mrs Emily VanCamp herself via Twitter.

2. The Hunt For The Falcon

Will Nolan finally bring down the Falcon, the genius hacker that put Emily's dad behind bars, and potentially caused Padma's so-called death.

3. An Engagement! 

Yes Daniel and Emily will be getting re-engaged during the May 5 episode "Engagement", but the question is if they'll make it down the aisle. And whether Emily is actually in love or if it's part of her grand Revengey scheme.

Revenge Returns Sunday, April 28th on the ABC.

Check out the return promo below:

- Written By: Shahbaz Malik

Image Sources: ABC, Wetpaint.

Spoiler Sources: TVFanatic, Spoilersguide

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Downton Abbey Season Three Episode Nine

To those that missed last night’s episode of Downton Abbey; fret not. The best is still to come next weekend with the season finale that is bound to be a tear-jerker, with last night’s episode setting the scene for a truly spectacular conclusion to the season, in true Downton style.

The finale has already aired quite some time ago overseas, so some are already aware of the tragic ending of the third season of this wonderfully dramatic period piece.  But we won’t give away too much of what the few of us already know about the season finale just yet, for the sake of those who still thrill in the excitement of the unknown (and people without decent internet access!)

Last night’s episode saw the staff of Downton pack up their masters and send them off to the Highlands of Scotland, leaving poor ole Tom Branson back at home to watch the house with his young daughter named after her deceased mother Sybil. He is somewhat interrogated by a cheeky new maid in the manor, Edna, resulting in Tom questioning who he is now that he is seen as a Lord of the house and no longer a valet. In Scotland, Lord Grantham has gathered together fishing nets and hunting rifles for a pleasant trip in the Highlands to visit the MacClare family as men did in those days. Lady Susan, otherwise known as Mrs MacClare, is the niece of Lady Violet Crawley (played by Maggie Smith), and so the two families are linked. Little drama occurs at all with respect to the Lords, who seem cut off from it all during their day trips out in the wild.

And oh how the time flies; Lady Mary is shown to be very pregnant at the start of the episode – eight months in fact. Quite a leap in time since the last episode, as is Downton convention, and the episode warns viewers at the beginning of the episode that we are now 1 year further along in the story. Her pregnancy doesn’t stop Mary from continuing her snide jests at Edith, who is joined by her magazine editor, Mr Michael Gregson, who of course seeks her hand in marriage. Edith generates much sympathy, particularly in this season, and especially when compared to the much crueller example she played in season one. Viewers can expect to again be rooting for the underdog in Edith. There is perhaps less sympathy to be felt for Rose MacClare who has become a constant within the show, and is trying to cope with the somewhat angsty issue of being a teenager. She is helped by the fan-favourites Anna and Bates who accompanied the family into Scotland. Can’t forget to pack your maid and footman for a hunting trip, apparently.

Meanwhile back at Downton, the servants are left to their own devices somewhat, though remain under the watchful eye of Carson who insists upon continuing work while the family is away. This doesn’t stop some playful drama from unfolding, with Mrs Patmore attracting a rough-around-the-edges bloke from town, and a certain kind of tension held between the still-employed Thomas and Jimmy. The drama surrounding Thomas and his homosexuality appears to have died down somewhat, and the tension that remains doesn’t appear hostile at all; if anything, it seems quite the contrary between the two men. Nothing in impossible at Downton. The episode ends with a plan for the house staff to go to a local fair, to be joined by poor widowed Tom. It’s also interesting to note that the kind-hearted and liberal Mrs Crawley will also attend the fair, escorted by the equally kind Dr Clarkson. Fingers crossed a romance is blooming between these two well-meaning characters!

Downton Abbey is advertising a life and a death for next week’s season finale. Of course we can expect that Lady Mary will give birth to her child, but the death still raises some questions. Here at TVBloggers we are already aware of what’s to come, and can promise a bitter-sweet ending to the season. We can confirm for you that a character does indeed die, and for the sake of your sanity it won’t be Mary to die as a result of childbirth. Unlike her sister Sybil who tragically died after the birth of her daughter only a few episodes ago. If that episode had you sniffling but still composed, then be prepared to blubber next week. Have some tissues ready, as Downton says goodbye to a much loved character. It’s certainly not to be missed!

Stay tuned for more reviews and TV gossip, and don’t forget to tune in tonight for Game of Thrones!

~ Written by Jessica Sheridan.

Downton Family Tree info: Downton Abbey Wiki

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We're Wrapping Up Construction and Ready to 'Broadcast'!

We're Wrapping Up Construction and Ready to 'Broadcast'!

We're adding the final touches to our fresh, new TV Review Blog before we finally begin posting; telling everything you need to know about the latest and greatest Television Shows, and catching you up on missed chances. We can't wait to deliver some top-quality reviews on the shows you watch.

Check out our hand-crafted 'storyboard' made with only the finest A4 paper and kilometrico pens for your viewing pleasure. We hope to establish a blog similar to that shown in the above blueprint, with all the trimmings to make this blog as user-friendly as possible. We want to showcase as much of our skills and knowledge as we can. We hope we won't disappoint.

The Weekly Program

Each week we will offer reviews on six of the latest and greatest television shows. We already gave you a sneak preview of what was to come, and we can now officially reveal your weekly line-up!

- Mondays with Shahbaz who'll keep you in the know on popular drama series Revenge
- Tuesdays with Jessica for a touch of fantasy with A Game of Thrones
- Wednesdays with Raymond you'll walk down nostalgia lane with the 90s hit Friends
- Thursdays with Mike will follow the action-packed new series Homeland
- Fridays with Shri will end the working week with the comedy of Modern Family
- Weekends will bring you up-to-date with the hugely popular Top Gear

And there you have it folks; you're weekly line up. In the meantime, have you followed us on Twitter yet? Pencil us in, and stay tuned.

~ Written by Jessica Sheridan.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Welcome To TV Bloggers

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to our fresh new TV blogging website were we give you (the tv fans) advise on just what to watch, plus all the latest TV news and goss on what's to come for Game Of Thrones, Revenge, Modern Family, Top Gear etc.

So stay tuned for further updates to come and make sure to follow us on twitter at @TVBloggers for all the latest blogger updates.

- Shahbaz Malik

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