Saturday, 20 April 2013

Homeland: Season 2 Episode 1

After Season 1 proved to be an overwhelming success (picking up multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Awards) Homeland is back in action, with Season 2 shaping up be even more explosive and scandalous than what was an already minding-blowing first season.
For all those Homeland fanatics, unfortunately we won’t be treated to Season 3 until late September (2013). But fear not – a recap of all the thrilling action from Season 2 is coming your way to (hopefully) try and pass that time a little quicker!

Whilst the Season 1 finale left viewers on the edge of their seat and answered a few lingering questions, it created even more questions and suspicions about Brody’s intentions as well as Carrie’s ability to focus solely on the terrorism issue at hand.

Having attempted to treat her bipolar disorder through the use of electroconvulsive therapy, Carrie seems to be adjusting back into a regular pattern of life with the assistance of her immediate family following her dramatic dismissal from the CIA.

All seems well until her former colleague Saul receives news of possible intel from a woman in Lebanon – the only issue is that the agency has no idea who the woman is (having contacted the agency it would be assumed she would have some form of connection, but as Saul quickly finds out this isn’t the case). Having dodged unwanted company in order to meet her in the hostile streets of Beirut, Saul’s attempts to find out more information are cut short by a hesitant and fragile source who is only willing to speak to Carrie (this woman turned out to be one of Carrie’s previously hired agents who was “run off the books” to ensure her safety). Therefore David Estes (CIA Counter Terrorism Director) is forced to move beyond their falling out and gain the services of Carrie once again.

Back in the United States, the possibility of running for Vice-President is offered to Brody by Vice-President Walden himself. Having already been hailed as both a war hero and inspirational political figure, the scene could not be set more perfectly for Brody to make his impact. Having been approached indirectly by Abu Nazir in relation to potential targets for terrorism activity, Brody claims he is not a terrorist and only intends on using his position of power for political law enforcement. However after breaking into Estes’s personal safe and retrieving classified documents it becomes quite obvious which side Brody is pledging his allegiance to.  

However Brody’s so far smooth run in politics could soon be coming to an abrupt halt, following comments made by his daughter Dana at school that he is a Muslim. Although shrugged off at school, Brody is forced to tell his wife Jessica who is extremely against the idea. Through her frustration, Jessica (and as many viewers would) questions Brody on the basis of what Carrie claimed that afternoon on their front lawn – that Brody was in fact a terrorist plotting against the United States. Yet, as always, Brody manages to get himself out of the controversial situation by placing the blame on Carrie – reminding Jessica that she was not only fired by the CIA but locked in a mental institution.
Having agreed to join forces with the CIA again, Carrie makes her way through Beirut for a planned meeting with Saul. However the situation quickly turns sour and, just like Saul, Carrie is forced to content with unwanted company. In what looks to be the end of the line for her, the Carrie-of-old reignites and defuses the situation with a promising look of satisfaction and desire for more.

The episode concludes with Brody burying the Qur’an in his backyard after his wife had damaged it in her temporary rage. The fact that his daughter Dana comes out to help him leaves viewers with conflicting perspectives – will the general public be just as gullible to Brody’s antics as his innocent daughter or will the power of family be enough to swing his decision?
Stayed tuned and be sure to check out next week’s posts for more Homeland material!

- Written By: Mike Duffy

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