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Crusaders in Blue: New Heroes in Game of Thrones Episode 4

We're almost half way! Episode four of Game of Thrones season three is out and running us off our feet. We will say, at least, that the show has gotten back into its rhythm; each episode is just the right balance of plot. As always we are left wanting more, but there is much to be excited about after this weeks installment of the gruesome fantasy.

The greatest thing about the latest episode is that we seem to at last have our heroes again. Its been a while since any of the generally twisted characters were barracking for a good and worthwhile cause, and we can't actually recall the last time evil didn't somehow prevail in Westeros. This week has introduced some very strong plotlines that lift several characters up for us to cheer for; peculiarly enough, they all wear blue. We hope that we aren't in for an Eddard Stark repeat, but we might be out of luck yet again. For now we can at least enjoy these Blue Crusaders.

The New Queen - Margaery Tyrell was introduced as quite the harlot, with her low cut dresses and pixie-features. But since her debut in season two, we have seen she is not as soft-minded as she appears. This week she demonstrated just how much influence she already has over the infatuated Joffrey, persuading him to appear in public before the people for the first time since the Blackwater Siege. Plans for their wedding are progressing, and a very anxious Cersei confronts her father about the 'Tyrell problem'. Already it seems the charming Margaery has wooed the young Prince, and already has herself in a comfortable position to be Queen.

Spoiler! The Upcoming Royal Wedding
The wedding between Margaery and Joffrey is fast approaching, and so is the death of a very central character. For those still skeptical, the wedding does occur, but not without its dramas. Season three is based on the third installment of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, and to those of us who have read the series, we know that this will definitely be the goriest season yet. And expect a few other matrimonial unions this season as well, one of which will prove to be the bloodiest of them all.

Lord of Whispers
The Spider was very busy this week. At long last he revealed how he came to lose his genitals and became so influential in Westeros. In conversation with a revenge-hungry Tyrion, Lord Varys shares how he was bought by a Sorcerer and had his genitals taken off as part of a sacrificial ceremony in which a fire came to life and spoke to the magic wielder. Viewers were shocked when the Spider then lifted the lid on a box he was prying open to reveal the very Sorcerer he spoke of, mouth sown shut and frail. Varys is not only crafty, he seems a bit sinister. But can we blame him?

Game of Throne's Groovy Granny to the Rescue
Olenna of House Tyrell (shown above to the right) has quickly become popular for her quick-tongue and very down-to-earth, realistic view on the world. This week she is seen in the gardens of King's Landing once more, still watching over her granddaughter as she woos the King. The Spider seeks her out, and conveys his concerns for the gentle but resilient Sansa Stark. Littlefinger has plans to take the young Stark girl away with him, but this is dangerous in Varys' eyes: if Rob Stark dies, then a marriage to Sansa would be the quickest route to the titles and lands of the North. 

Claiming Littlefinger is the most dangerous man in Westeros, Lord Varys seeks Olenna's aid in getting Sansa out of his reach, and wedded to someone else quick smart. Olenna, wearing the heroes blue, is quick to respond, sending the charming Margaery to speak to Sansa, who seems quite fond of the clever young Tyrell. The plan is to marry Sansa to Willas - Margaery's brother - and take Sansa away to the High Gardens which is where the Tyrell's call home. But will it be too late?

Westeros has Bigger Problems than Winter
Who cares if Winter is coming? There are bigger problems across the seas. Daenerys at last obtains her army needed to take back the Iron Throne this week, and she does it with so much style and sass that we almost can't recognise the quiet, frightened child from season one. Offering one dragon as payment for the entire army of Unsullied slave soldiers, Daenerys at last has the command. As promised, as soon as the symbolic golden whip is passed to her, the Unsullied obey her every command. The dragon, however, does not obey his new owner. As the Mother of Dragons declares; dragons are not slaves.

Once revealing she speaks Valyrian (and so understood every insult the slaver had made to date) Daenerys commands the army to kill all the slavers, but not harm any children. She then commands her dragon to kill its new owner, and set the slave city on fire. Once her bloody salvation for the slaves is over, Daenerys tells the Unsullied that they are free men, and free to go if they wish. They are only to stay if they will fight for her as free men. Every soldier stays, and the episode concludes with the army, the dragons, and the last known Targaryen crossing out of the fallen city. 

Who will Watch the Watchers?
Chaos has hit beyond the Wall, with several Crows committing mutiny this week. Most horrifying was the death of the Lord Commander, who was killed during the scuffle. The gentle Sam, who never really belonged with the Night's Watch, fled the scene with Gilly and her newborn baby, heading into the woods alone. Behind them the men of the Night's Watch proved just how dangerous it is to recruit criminals and give them a sword. With the Winter setting in, and the armies of the White Walkers and the Wildlings marching south, who will watch the Wall?

Spoiler! Where is Bran going?
The current plot revolving around Bran Stark has been moving somewhat slowly this season, and a lot of mystery veils where he might be heading as he follows the three-eyed crow. Where is he going, you ask? Where all Crows go - the Wall.

Tune in next week to Game of Thrones, and check in on Tuesday for a recap and spoilers. in the meantime, check out the preview of next weeks episode. And remember, Winter is coming.

~ Written by Jessica Sheridan

Spoiler Sources: IceandFireWikia

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