Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Modern Family Season 4

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Modern Family just released its 20th episode in season 4 which has lived up to the high standard set by the previous seasons. This show has been a tremendous success recently receiving 14 prime time Emmy Award nominations.

Season 4 revolves around Gloria and Jay Pritchett's new born baby and how Gloria reveals this to Jay is shown in the first episode of season 4 itself. The season moves on by focusing on Jay's struggles with the baby and how Manny deals with not being the centre of attention anymore.

Cameron and Mitchell's story continues with the two of them struggling to decide whether to adopt a second child and the problems associated with adopting a child on the whole. The episodes move on by focusing on the new project that Cameron and Claire have taken on of renovating a house together. The tension between Claire and Cameron is very realistic and definitely adds to the drama side of the show.

The Dunphey household starts the season off with Haley in her first year of college and focuses on the different troublesome situations she gets herself into. However, in the middle of the season she actually gets kicked out of college and comes back home. Her struggles to find a job and focus on her studies becomes her main part in the rest of the season. Luke and Alex continue to be themselves with their smart comments and Claire gets caught up in her new house project with Cameron. Meanwhile, Phil continues to be hilarious and tries to manage the household on a day to day basis.

Season 4 is extremely funny and it is highly recommended that you get a hold of these episodes as soon as possible. Hopefully they produce a 5th season because it would be awesome to see how the characters progress through the years. It is hands down hilarious. So what are you waiting for?

Episode 21 should be released in the next week.

By Shri Sivalohan

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