Sunday, 21 April 2013

Revenge Season 2 Episode 19 "Identity" Spoilers: Will Victoria be exposed?

Revenge will finally return next week from it's extended hiatus, below is a few spoilers/pics and sneak peeks at the episode to get you ready for it with our very own commentary.

  • The hunt for the Falcon continues with Emily, Aiden and Nolan trying to find Padma.
Does this mean Padma is still alive afterall, i guess my previous theory was correct. And just putting it out there but could the Falcon be Emily's dad?
  • Emily faces some tough decisions for her future. Will she marry Daniel again?
Previously revealed that they will walk down the aisle, i wonder how Aiden will react to this. Will his jeaoulusy over-rule Emily's revengey scheme?
  • Victoria has one very exposing interview coming up! Juju Chang from 'Dateline' will be the one digging the dirt.
Could the 'exposing' interview have to do with her long-lost son?. Will Juju Chang get to the bottom of her hidden son mystery and reveal that his still out there.

Below is the promo for the episode, check it out!

Sounds like a juicy episode doesn't it. What are you most looking forward to when Revenge returns?

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Revenge returnes next Sunday, April 28th.

Sources: SpoilersGuide, ABC

Written By: Shahbaz Malik.

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