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Game of Thrones S03E06: There's a Cog in the Works

This week's episode of Game of Thrones seems to have slowed things down a touch. In comparison to the absolute action-packed and satisfying cunning that has been the rest of season three, episode six feels a little stretched, trying to cover many plots. Some how, they are making it work though. With a bit of attention, and some faith in the next four episodes, viewers will hopefully realise that we need to get out the nitty gritty before we can get to the action. We hoped you paid attention! If not, we can offer some important points you should make a note of for future episodes.

Jon Snow can handle the Cold
This week Jon and the other Wildlings climb the wall. Their intentions to take the Wall from the Night's Watch have driven them upwards, and the climb is trecherous. The Warg they travel with tries to cut Snow and Ygritte lose as they climb, but it seems at least one of the men in the North can cheat death, and Snow manages to take hold of the wall again before they plummet to their deaths. When they reach the top, Ygritte and Snow share a very romantic embrace, looking out over Westeros. Who knows what the crass Wildling girl and her cold, handsome 'bastard' boy will get up to?

The Red Lady makes Arya Red in the Face
Its the woman you don't even like to hate. The very shady Woman in Red tracks down the brotherhood this week in her search for Barathean blood to aid her wounded Stannis. For those who missed season one of Game of Thrones, it was established that Genry was a bastard child of the deceased Robert Baratheon, and therefore may have some claim to the throne should he find out. The Red Lady trades two bags of gold for the boy, promising him he will change the state of the war. Arya of course, who seems to be the only character left with a moral compass pointing north, protests, but can do nothing. When she confronts the Red Lady, the priestess reveals that she knows of a darkness inside the young Stark, and that they will meet again.

 Who's Down in the Dungeon with Poor Theon?
Even after his betrayal of the Starks, Theon doesn't deserve this. Nobody does (okay maybe Joffrey). Theon continue his plight in the dungeon, tortured once more by the maniac that feigned helping him to escape and then brought him back. He offers Theon the chance to guess who he is, and when Theon guesses he is a Karstark, it seems that we have finally discovered who exactly is torturing the Greyjoy Lord. However, he was lying, and as punishment for guessing wrong, Theon is tortured until he begs for the removal of his finger. The torture scenes are very sickening; whoever this guy is, we think maybe he would get along well with Joffrey. The young Prince makes a small appearance this episode, after torturing and killing a prostitute sent to him by Little Finger. Both boys are very sick indeed.

Robb Bargains for an Army
Sadly, Robb broke his promise and married another woman. Unfortunately, this rather wounded Warden Frey is now demanding a formal apology; seems easy enough. He also wants Harrenhal once the war is over. Well, okay. But he also demands that Robb's uncle, Lord Edmure Tully, to marry his 19-year-old daughter. Edmure is obviously outraged, and does not wish to go ahead with the marriage. However he is swayed by the cooky character, Blackfish, and Robb himself. Its just another wedding to add to the ever-growing list of betrothals now all lined up in Westeros.

Speaking of Weddings...
Unfortunately, Tywin Lannister is holding firm and both Tyrion and Cersei are to be wed. The usually sassy Lady Olenna Tyrell is even forced into a corner by Tywin, and must agree to the marriage between her grandson and the aging Cersei. Tyrion is left to tell Sansa the news, and unfortunately for him, Shae demands to be present when he does. We would remind viewers that Shae is still Tyrion's current love interest, making for a very awkward situation in deed. Little Finger also leaves Kings Landing at last, and Sansa cries as she watches her last chance of leaving the city sail away.

Make sure you check in next week for what is sure to be an action-packed episode! And don't worry Team-Dragon, Daenerys will return next week. Check out the preview below!

~ Written by Jessica Sheridan

Image Sources:  Sidequesting, Forbes

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