Saturday, 27 April 2013

Five TV Shows You'll Miss in 2013

2013 is a new year, with new television drama to be had. Many of us sat eagerly waiting after Christmas for the new season of our favourite shows to kick start again. Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and Revenge lovers have had their hunger quenched. But other fan-clubs are at a loss for the 2013 television season, as we prepare to say goodbye to some of our favourite television shows.

All good things must come to an end. Here are some of the biggest shows that will be wrapping up their final season in 2013 and saying goodbye to fans for good.

30 Rock
This much loved comedy show starring Tina Faye and Alec Baldwin will surely be missed by many. The show has already wrapped up production for good, and aired their last show in the USA in January. The quirkiness of the television show drew many people in, and the classic humor was to die for. We are sad to see this 'TV Show about a TV Show' gone.

Our favorite serial killer, played by Michael C. Hall, will be perfomring his last ritualistic murder this year. An instant success, and based off the popular book series, Dexter is now in his eighth season. Viewers shouldn't be too suprised, since his secret is known by quite a few key characters now, including his sister Deb. Still we expect this very different take on a police-prodecdural show will be missed on the airwaves after this year.

Yet again, Futurama has had its production cancelled by Comedy Central. The show was very similar to The Simpsons, coming from the minds of the same creators, and was hugely popular for its social commentary and comic antics. We are unsure if the show will ever make a resurgence, but for now the curtains are closed and the pens are down. The show is expected to end this year with its seventh season in total.

The Office
The US version of the hit comedy series The Office will air its final episode this year in May. Some people expected the show to die out after Hollywood star Steve Carell (playing Regional Manager Michael Scott) left at the end of season seven. Now, in season nine, the shows has decided to leave with dignity in tact. The socially-awkward humor of the day-to-day lives of the Scranton staff was always a personal favourite, but the wrap-up is understandable.

Based on the ancient Roman legend of the gladiator of the same name, Spartacus was a massive hit both here and overseas. Sadly, as the show is loosely historically based, it began with an obvious end. The show ran for three seasons and has already ended for 2013. The finale was a real tear-jerker, though fans up to scratch on their history were probably not too suprised!

~ Written by Jessica Sheridan

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Image Sources: fanpop

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