Sunday, 26 May 2013

TV Bloggers: Quick TV Season Recaps VIDEO!

Our little season recaps for our weekly TV Shows is now up for our ISYS100 video project..

Hope use enjoy it as much as we did filming it, also check out our little blooper reel below.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Game of Thrones S03E06: There's a Cog in the Works

This week's episode of Game of Thrones seems to have slowed things down a touch. In comparison to the absolute action-packed and satisfying cunning that has been the rest of season three, episode six feels a little stretched, trying to cover many plots. Some how, they are making it work though. With a bit of attention, and some faith in the next four episodes, viewers will hopefully realise that we need to get out the nitty gritty before we can get to the action. We hoped you paid attention! If not, we can offer some important points you should make a note of for future episodes.

Jon Snow can handle the Cold
This week Jon and the other Wildlings climb the wall. Their intentions to take the Wall from the Night's Watch have driven them upwards, and the climb is trecherous. The Warg they travel with tries to cut Snow and Ygritte lose as they climb, but it seems at least one of the men in the North can cheat death, and Snow manages to take hold of the wall again before they plummet to their deaths. When they reach the top, Ygritte and Snow share a very romantic embrace, looking out over Westeros. Who knows what the crass Wildling girl and her cold, handsome 'bastard' boy will get up to?

The Red Lady makes Arya Red in the Face
Its the woman you don't even like to hate. The very shady Woman in Red tracks down the brotherhood this week in her search for Barathean blood to aid her wounded Stannis. For those who missed season one of Game of Thrones, it was established that Genry was a bastard child of the deceased Robert Baratheon, and therefore may have some claim to the throne should he find out. The Red Lady trades two bags of gold for the boy, promising him he will change the state of the war. Arya of course, who seems to be the only character left with a moral compass pointing north, protests, but can do nothing. When she confronts the Red Lady, the priestess reveals that she knows of a darkness inside the young Stark, and that they will meet again.

 Who's Down in the Dungeon with Poor Theon?
Even after his betrayal of the Starks, Theon doesn't deserve this. Nobody does (okay maybe Joffrey). Theon continue his plight in the dungeon, tortured once more by the maniac that feigned helping him to escape and then brought him back. He offers Theon the chance to guess who he is, and when Theon guesses he is a Karstark, it seems that we have finally discovered who exactly is torturing the Greyjoy Lord. However, he was lying, and as punishment for guessing wrong, Theon is tortured until he begs for the removal of his finger. The torture scenes are very sickening; whoever this guy is, we think maybe he would get along well with Joffrey. The young Prince makes a small appearance this episode, after torturing and killing a prostitute sent to him by Little Finger. Both boys are very sick indeed.

Robb Bargains for an Army
Sadly, Robb broke his promise and married another woman. Unfortunately, this rather wounded Warden Frey is now demanding a formal apology; seems easy enough. He also wants Harrenhal once the war is over. Well, okay. But he also demands that Robb's uncle, Lord Edmure Tully, to marry his 19-year-old daughter. Edmure is obviously outraged, and does not wish to go ahead with the marriage. However he is swayed by the cooky character, Blackfish, and Robb himself. Its just another wedding to add to the ever-growing list of betrothals now all lined up in Westeros.

Speaking of Weddings...
Unfortunately, Tywin Lannister is holding firm and both Tyrion and Cersei are to be wed. The usually sassy Lady Olenna Tyrell is even forced into a corner by Tywin, and must agree to the marriage between her grandson and the aging Cersei. Tyrion is left to tell Sansa the news, and unfortunately for him, Shae demands to be present when he does. We would remind viewers that Shae is still Tyrion's current love interest, making for a very awkward situation in deed. Little Finger also leaves Kings Landing at last, and Sansa cries as she watches her last chance of leaving the city sail away.

Make sure you check in next week for what is sure to be an action-packed episode! And don't worry Team-Dragon, Daenerys will return next week. Check out the preview below!

~ Written by Jessica Sheridan

Image Sources:  Sidequesting, Forbes

Monday, 6 May 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 21 "She's Come Undone" Review!

This week The Vampire Diaries transported fans back into Mystic Falls after last weeks' New Orleans outing. It got back right into the thick of things and made for one big interesting episode.

Below is a look at the major events of the week:

Elena Vs. Katherine is here.. We all know how badly these two hate each other but for the first time in TVD history Elena is ready to fight back! And who wouldn't? She killed her brother, ruined her life and meddled with her lovers.

Elena's feelings also finally made a comeback last night thanks to Damon's elaborate plan of killing Matt. Well not really kill him, he had the hunter's ring on but that doesn't go without saying that we were all in complete shock when he did it. I really thought he might just be dead.

Anyway Elena's back.. thank the heavens! It was fun while it lasted but it's good to have her back.

Caroline gets manipulated.. by Klaus, wait Matt, wait her mum. Wait no, who else in Mystic Falls can shape-shift into that many people? Silas that is, who continued to torture her into finding Bonnie. Is anyone else growing tired of him though? I just want him to finally leave the gang alone and move on to another story, but no show can exist without some sort of villain.

It was quite emotional though when Caroline's mum died for a brief moment. It was the second time during the episode that i thought another character will die. But turns out her magical blood thankfully brought her back.  Also how mean was Elena to poor Caroline before she got her humanity back? Ouch, that was harsh.

Katherine gets played at her own game.. by Bonnie? Who knew how easy it could be to manipulate the vindictive bitch that is Katherine Pierce. Well i guess only Bonnie can by offering her the one thing she desires most.. her freedom!

Bonnie tricked her into thinking that she wants to stop the unveiling of the other-side by getting her to reveal just how to do so. Nice to finally see the tables turned, but just what has Katherine got herself into?

Matt finds some relevancy.. Finally no-more working at The Grill (at least for now). Matt really got something juicy to work with last night by becoming just what Jeremy was on the show, starting as the most underused character before finally transitioning into someone more worthy. Better watch your back Matt, the writers might kill you off now.

Well onto what actually happened with him. He helped restore Elena's humanity by literally dying for her (before coming back to life) and also managed to share a scene with ex-flame Caroline whilst continuing to show some kindness towards Rebekah. Now that there on the same page with each other, i expect a hookup before the season ends.

Overall a truly impressing return to Mystic Falls that not only managed to set-up the direction of the final two episodes of the season but also further enhance it's characters and provide fans some raw emotional scenes, something The Vampire Diaries works best with. Hopefully the show manages to maintain this energy for its seasonal home stretch.

Overall Rating:
Next week the vale is dropped to the other-side! Which deceased favorites will return?

Wrtitten By: Shahbaz Malik
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Friday, 3 May 2013

        TOP GEAR : UGANDA SPECIAL! Season 19, Episode 6. 

 In this episode of Top Gear, James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are out on an expedition to find the true source of the river Nile. They're in the Ugandan capital, where they witness what a real traffic jam is. After being in that mess, I don't think they'll ever complain about being in a traffic jam in the centre of London.

 All the essential ingredients were here. There are three estate cars, of varying degrees of decay, purchased for £1,500. True to form, Jeremy Clarkson chose a classic BMW, and James May a Volvo – both wildly unsuitable for the African terrain. Less predictably, Richard Hammond for once seems to have made a sensible pick – a Subaru four-wheel drive turbo – though the fact that he has already jettisoned the spare wheel is ringing warning bells with me.

So our heroes assemble in a village where the locals look warily neutral, josh about their car choices and set off. Five minutes later, they seem to have reached their destination: the vast expanse of Lake Victoria. But because this is Top Gear and there are two hours to fill, Clarkson comes up with a hare-brained theory about the source of the Nile stretching back from Gibraltar (I wasn’t entirely concentrating on the geography) and it is off to the traffic jams of Kampala, the horrors of Ugandan hotels, and the mud-clogged roads of the interior. 

Written by - Taaruk Raina
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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Homeland: Season 2 Episode 3

With the final scene of last week’s episode revealing Saul had discovered the video tape of Brody from the remains Carrie retrieved in Beirut, this week’s instalment of Homeland is shaping up to be an all-revealing thriller that will hopefully answer those lingering questions we all want answered!

Leaving Beirut following their unsuccessful operation, Saul is stopped by airport military officials. Even after his best attempts to threaten them with the power of the CIA and U.S military, the video of Brody’s confession is taken from his belongings. At that point it seems as though any leads on Brody in relation to Hezbollah are lost, however with years of experience behind him Saul reveals he in fact planted a fake video in his suitcase and has the explicit footage of Brody safely in his possession.

Having agreed to help with a fundraiser for war veterans, Jess had asked Brody to make a guest speech at the presentation. She finds a copy of what he has planned to say lying on the bench and, briefly reading through it, for the first time she comes to thoroughly realise the anguish and pain he experienced over his 8 year capture. Brody admits he doesn’t like talking about the topic, hence why Jess had never really found out how he felt.

Their touching moment is interrupted by a phone call Brody receives from one of Abu Nazir’s contacts, claiming that the CIA is investigating information found from the operation on Nazir in Beirut and they would soon be able to piece the evidence together and find the tailor who provided Brody with the bomb belt. To cover up his tracks Brody is forced to move the man into hiding before authorities catch up to him. When he arrives at the tailor’s store, the tailor is hesitant which gives unwanted company enough time to track them down and follow them. Brody quickly evades the threat, however on the way to the safe house things could not possibly go more wrong as they’re forced to full over with a flat tyre.

Having been asked to write a concluding report about the operation, Carrie returns to CIA headquarters for the Beirut operation debrief. Arriving ahead of schedule (so she though) Carrie’s curiosity leads her to the conference room where she realises the debrief is already underway. Although being praised for her efforts and wanting to continue to be involved, Estes reminds her that the job at hand is not a concern for her anymore.

After replacing the flat tyre Brody makes a pit stop, only for the tailor to flee from the vehicle. Attempting to run him down, Brody accidently spears the man’s torso through a rugged piece of metal. The man pleads Brody to take him to hospital, promising he won’t say a word about Brody’s involvement in the operation. However an ever-cautious Brody doesn’t want any possibility of word getting out about his relationship with Abu Nazir. With Jess continuously ringing and questioning his whereabouts, and the tailor still resiting to settle down, Brody is forced to eliminate him from the picture.

Carrie makes a monumental decision and returns back to her own home, in what becomes a very unusual and confronting scene. In what it looks as though she is trying to make sense of where her own life is, she creates a deadly concoction of her medication and alcohol. Contemplating her actions lying in bed before voluntarily making herself sick, it comes across as a very bizarre scene in general.

Whilst trying to cover his tracks and bury the dead tailor’s body, Jess does her best to impress those at the fundraiser given Brody’s unexpected absence. After providing a heart-felt insight on the pains and joys of her husband’s time both at home and away she is given a standing ovation. Her former lover Mike escorts her home and, after hearing about Brody’s relationship with Carrie, he accepts Jess’s offer to come in for a drink. Brody arrives perfectly on cue to interrupt their evening and to an onslaught from his wife who questions his honestly in their marriage.

After their little stoush, one would be forgiven to believe that it would be Brody knocking on Carrie’s door in the early hours of the morning. However it turns out to be Saul who, having come straight from the airport, shows Carrie the video she retrieved in Beirut proving that she was in fact right about Brody all along. Although the video clarifies Brody’s intentions, its brief exposure still leaves multiple questions and even more possibilities as to where the story will lead next!
Stayed tuned and be sure to check out next week’s posts for more Homeland material! 

- Written By: Mike Duffy

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