Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Revenge 2x19 "Identity" Review

Well Revengers, Revenge is back after one hell of a long hiatus. And did it return with a bang?

Oh YES! With plenty of new developments and revelations to keep fans happy.

Below is a look at the juicy highlights of the night:

1. The Fa1c0n is!.. a random? Sorry but i thought it would be someone really significant to Emily or Nolan. But it wasn't a total letdown as the girl named Edith Lee had one intresting background that forced her into hiding her identity and forming a business relationship with Victoria. She not only served as a hacker for her but managed to cover her long forgotten son!

Then in comes Nolan (aka Bruce freaking Lee) and Edith's empire is knocked on it's feet with a simple game of Street Fighter!

In the end he managed to kill two birds with one stone by revealing Victoria's baby drama to the press and sending the Fa1c0n right to jail. Go Nolan! But does Edith's threat of messing with the wrong person offer fatal consequences?

2. Re-engaged? Okay spoilers revealed that this would happen, and well it turned out kinda more better than expected.

Not only does Emily face the dilema of re-marrying Daniel but the ugly head of jealousy from Aiden. She insists thats it's all part of her Revengey scheme and that once the Graysons have fell flat on there face will she ditch Daniel for Aiden.. but something tells me shes's actually harbouring feelings for Mr.Daniel Grayson with those flashbacks of memorie of when he popped the question the first time. Only time will tell on just what these two are.

Oh and another Dillema Emily is facing is the balancing of her relationship with Jack. If she accepts Daniel's marriage proposal she will be cut out of the Porter's lives including being godmother of recently deceased best friend's child, Ouch!. Poor Emily, she's in quite the pickle right now and wether or not she decides to go through with the wedding holds some serious emotional damage.

3. Team Ashley and Jack begins?.. Who knew these two could actually be fun?. Now that there working together to bring down Conrad we saw some fun from the two. Jack watches from the outside whilst Ashley effectivley managed to get back in on the inside. The question remains though wether or not vixen Ashley will go through with the scheme? Afterall she's definetley one easy girl to persuade. My bets are still on the two hooking up in the future though.

4. Victoria at her most vulnerable.. It was intresting seeing this deep personal side of mama Grayson with all her protective walls being temporarily brought down. I kinda actually felt bad for her again, after the terrible decision she had to go through.

The young actress who played young Victoria though seemed quite off, I expected her to be a bit more cold-hearted or something. Via the flashback though, we learned just why she gave up her son. It was all because she was offered a one-way ticket to study in France! Ofcoarse Victoria ate the offer up but don't forget she was just 16 and didnt know what to do.

Skip forward to present Victoria and she now wants her son back! She's lost her Fa1c0n though with her only option now being Nolan. And what an option! It now offers fans some potentially epic stories to come. Will he help her or use it to Emily's advantage? Will he do both? Or will Victoria discover Nolan's secrets. Oh so many ways this could go, Time will tell once again.

5. Lesbehonest Charlotte.. Mind my Rebel Wilson reference but what's up with Charlotte? Fair enough the girl you slapped had a really sad story but did you ever think that she could be playing it to her advantage? I really don't trust this girl befriending her, afterall this is Revenge and everyone has an agenda! Will Charlotte take a trip down her dark past thanks to this girl? Also come on Declan get your act together, help your girlfriend out for once and stop being so judjmental.

Overall Rating:

Only 3 episode left of the season guys! Check out the promo below:

Written By: Shahbaz Malik

Image Source: ABC

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