Monday, 6 May 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 21 "She's Come Undone" Review!

This week The Vampire Diaries transported fans back into Mystic Falls after last weeks' New Orleans outing. It got back right into the thick of things and made for one big interesting episode.

Below is a look at the major events of the week:

Elena Vs. Katherine is here.. We all know how badly these two hate each other but for the first time in TVD history Elena is ready to fight back! And who wouldn't? She killed her brother, ruined her life and meddled with her lovers.

Elena's feelings also finally made a comeback last night thanks to Damon's elaborate plan of killing Matt. Well not really kill him, he had the hunter's ring on but that doesn't go without saying that we were all in complete shock when he did it. I really thought he might just be dead.

Anyway Elena's back.. thank the heavens! It was fun while it lasted but it's good to have her back.

Caroline gets manipulated.. by Klaus, wait Matt, wait her mum. Wait no, who else in Mystic Falls can shape-shift into that many people? Silas that is, who continued to torture her into finding Bonnie. Is anyone else growing tired of him though? I just want him to finally leave the gang alone and move on to another story, but no show can exist without some sort of villain.

It was quite emotional though when Caroline's mum died for a brief moment. It was the second time during the episode that i thought another character will die. But turns out her magical blood thankfully brought her back.  Also how mean was Elena to poor Caroline before she got her humanity back? Ouch, that was harsh.

Katherine gets played at her own game.. by Bonnie? Who knew how easy it could be to manipulate the vindictive bitch that is Katherine Pierce. Well i guess only Bonnie can by offering her the one thing she desires most.. her freedom!

Bonnie tricked her into thinking that she wants to stop the unveiling of the other-side by getting her to reveal just how to do so. Nice to finally see the tables turned, but just what has Katherine got herself into?

Matt finds some relevancy.. Finally no-more working at The Grill (at least for now). Matt really got something juicy to work with last night by becoming just what Jeremy was on the show, starting as the most underused character before finally transitioning into someone more worthy. Better watch your back Matt, the writers might kill you off now.

Well onto what actually happened with him. He helped restore Elena's humanity by literally dying for her (before coming back to life) and also managed to share a scene with ex-flame Caroline whilst continuing to show some kindness towards Rebekah. Now that there on the same page with each other, i expect a hookup before the season ends.

Overall a truly impressing return to Mystic Falls that not only managed to set-up the direction of the final two episodes of the season but also further enhance it's characters and provide fans some raw emotional scenes, something The Vampire Diaries works best with. Hopefully the show manages to maintain this energy for its seasonal home stretch.

Overall Rating:
Next week the vale is dropped to the other-side! Which deceased favorites will return?

Wrtitten By: Shahbaz Malik
Image Source: CW

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